How It Works ?


Kshetraa Humic Stars physically changes the soil structure by acting as a soil conditioner and bio stimulant.

Application of Kshetraa Humic Stars to the soil with a sprayer helps compact soils to loosen and crumble. This increases soil aeration, permeability which in turn creates a favourable environment for microbial activity in the soil.

Impenetrable compact soil


It increases germination, vitality of crop seeds.

It prevents soil cracking, surface water run-off, and soil erosion by increasing the ability of colloids to combine.

It improves water retention property of the soil, thus preventing nutrient loss by leaching.

It increases germination, vitality of crop seeds.

Kshetraa Humic Stars applied soil

Light Sandy Soils


Sandy soils poor in humus and soil with nutrients retained after application of Kshetraa Humic Stars.

It alters the properties of the soil, regulates the acidity / alkalinity of the soil.

It acts as an organic catalyst for biological processes.

Kshetraa Humic Stars applied soil

Ca-Bridge between clay and humus.

It promotes conversion of nutrients like Nitrogen, Phosphorous, Potassium, Iron, Zinc and other trace elements into forms that can be readily used by the plants.

It enhances the plants’ natural potentials to resist diseases / pests.

It improves, optimizes the uptake of nutrients by plants.

The productivity of mineral fertilizers is increased considerably.

It increases the quality, quantity of the produce, improves the physical appearance, nutritional values.


Role of Humic acid in Agriculture:

      • Humic acid derivatives has been named as bio-stimulants by the American Society of Horticultural Science. It promotes plant growth.

      • Humic acids are generally regarded for their ability to promote the development of good soil structure, through the binding properties, and their excellent cation exchange properties which enhance the retention of cationic nutrients such as NH4- and K- against leaching losses. It is also reported that it retains anionic nutrients such as Phosphates via the formation of Organo-metallic complexes. Prevents the loss of nutrients and gradually brings down the usage of NPK fertilizers [If Any] to nil usage from the 3rd crop onwards.

      • It also has beneficial effect in reducing Aluminium toxicity in plants by ion exchange in an environment where high aluminums levels may poses problem.

      • Humic acid is also used as a chelating agent to trace elements such as iron & copper in the manufacture of micronutrient fertilizers.

      • Humic acid reported in literature as a veterinary medicine called Humocarb (35% Humic acid),to be effective in preventing animals from intoxication by nitrates and urea in over-fertilized fodder. It is also effective the toxicity of pesticides & Herbicides. Reduce the toxicity in soil / contaminated soil.

      • It increases water absorption, respiration, photosynthesis & germination rate, root, shoot growth &also increase the yield by 15-70% in many crops.

      • Foliar spray application increases respiration rate, chlorophyll content, Affect membrane permeability & increase permeability to some ions.

      • It is reported that some enzymes were stimulated by the presence of Humic acid and also inhibits certain enzymes.

      • Humic acids are hydrophilic groups which attract hydration of water and thereby improve water retention capacity .

      • Increase the microbial activity. The stimulating effect of Humic acid on certain bacteria has increase in microbial membrane penneability favoring a better utilization of nutrients. 

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